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About Costprize.com

Welcome to Costprize.com. We are proud to announce that we are the first internet site in India to provide the benefits of group buying to an individual purchaser. The concept of group buying is as old as the hills. Our parents and grandparents used the concept of co-operative society very effectively. In the modern age of discount hunting, consumers are flooded with "deals of the day" mainly targeted towards the impulsive buyer who ends up buying items they don't need. Besides, consumers spend an enormous amount of time scanning various online and offline resources and may still not find the right deal.

The Costprize team has worked with various research groups across the world in order to empower the consumer to create their own deals. Consumers are not only deal creators but, more importantly, the deal drivers who make the discount grow along/because with the group size. Costprize creates a common grouping platform that brings together diverse people from different walks of life based on their plan to buy the same product or service. This grouping gives the consumer a higher power to negotiate prices and hence allows the consumer to avail group benefits of even those items that a single individual would never buy in bulk eg, automobiles, real estate, mobile phones, washing machines and even training classes.

Costprize also allows you to form your own group and send a request to us to create a deal for you. For example - You can ask " Could you create a vacation package?" or " I would like to buy a luxury car". Such requests are handled by our designated negotiator through our "My negotiator" service by clubbing your wishlist with other pre-profiled likeminded groups of people to create a much larger group size and approach the right vendor to service your order.

We promise you a great buying experience at Costpize.com. Watch new products listed each week, if not listed, create your own deal and watch the discounts grow as the groups grow only at Costprize.com.