About Costprize.com

Welcome to Costprize.com. We are proud to announce that we are the first internet site in India to provide the benefits of group buying to an individual purchaser. The concept of group buying is as old as the hills. Our parents and grandparents used the concept of co-operative society very effectively. In the modern age of discount hunting, consumers are flooded with "deals of the day" mainly targeted towards the impulsive buyer who ends up buying items they don't need. Besides, consumers spend an enormous amount of time scanning various online and offline resources and may still not find the right deal.

The Costprize team has worked with various research groups across the world in order to empower the consumer to create their own deals. Consumers are not only deal creators but, more importantly, the deal drivers who make the discount grow along/because with the group size. Costprize creates a common grouping platform that brings together diverse people from different walks of life based on their plan to buy the same product or service. This grouping gives the consumer a higher power to negotiate prices and hence allows the consumer to avail group benefits of even those items that a single individual would never buy in bulk eg, automobiles, real estate, mobile phones, washing machines and even training classes.

Costprize also allows you to form your own group and send a request to us to create a deal for you. For example - You can ask " Could you create a vacation package?" or " I would like to buy a luxury car". Such requests are handled by our designated negotiator through our "My negotiator" service by clubbing your wishlist with other pre-profiled likeminded groups of people to create a much larger group size and approach the right vendor to service your order.

We promise you a great buying experience at Costpize.com. Watch new products listed each week, if not listed, create your own deal and watch the discounts grow as the groups grow only at Costprize.com.

Executive profile

Chiranth Patil, CEO

Chiranth’s multi-disciplinary background stems from experiences ranging several organizations and roles – from investment management and strategy consulting to technology industries, from established global blue chip companies to entrepreneurial start-ups. Prior to joining CostpriZe, Chiranth was the founding partner of an Asia based global equities hedge fund, prior to which, he was a Management Consultant with Deloitte Consulting LLP in Boston, MA. At Deloitte, he provided strategy and operations related advisory services to Fortune 500 clients across the US, which included strategic growth planning, performance improvement, M&A and corporate restructuring. Prior to consulting, he participated and led multiple turnkey technology and operations related initiatives for Fidelity Investments’ multi-billion dollar asset management business in Boston, MA.

Chiranth received his MBA from the University of Massachusetts at Boston with focus in Finance and Information Systems, and bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering from Vishveswaraya Technological University in India

Chiranth maintains a keen interest on technology innovations and their impact on domestic and global consumer and enterprise spaces. Away from Costprize, his other interests include global current affairs, electronic music and adventure sports. He is aspiring to get into wildlife photography, non-fiction writing and golf for the longest time and also boasts of being the lousiest cook known yet.

Roopa Hungund, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Roopa is an IT visionary with extensive experience in constructive innovations. She has a passion for technology and has played a major role in all aspects of product development from conceptualization to the commercialization of the product. As a seasoned IT leader and product architect, she has served various silicon valley based Fortune 500 companies such as Oracle Corporation and Cisco Systems and has been a key member during the development of many of their flagship products. Roopa has won several awards for her product innovations and has over 6 patents on her name. She has been a keen observer of how discount of retail is managed across the world and believes that the advancement in social media would create a new crowd enabled discount model that would transition from deal publishing to deal generation through consumer aggregation.

Bharat Vijay, Co-Founder & Chief Strategist

Bharat is a successful serial entrepreneur and a visionary in the Internet advertising, data mining, and computation industries. He is the founder of numerous successful ventures including Yahoo! India's Bangalore Software Development Center, Amazon India, and Ugenie. Bharat was one of the first employees of Yahoo!, where he was responsible for the architecture of Yahoo! products including directory, yellow pages, travel, and its infrastructure products which powered most of Yahoo!'s online offerings. After spending over a decade in the US he moved to India to set up Yahoo India which he headed for four years. He then set up Amazon India where he was the Managing Director. After Amazon he set out on his own and has founded companies like Ugenie which was sold to Lulu.com and also cofounded Boll Tell.

Manjunath Dattatreya, Human Capital Management

Has over 20 years of experience and has held various senior management roles in the areas of Corporate strategy, Human Capital management, Leadership Development, Talent Management, Outsourcing, Due Diligence and Integration of Mergers & Acquisitions. Manjunath was the Vice President of Global Resource Management at Intelligroup Inc. and was part of the initial leadership team that grew the company from its inception to $180 million in just 3 years. Manjunath has a degree in Engineering from the University of Mysore and has completed a course in Executive Leadership from Cornell University. He is GPHR (Global Professional in Human Resources) certified and is currently serving as a member of the Global Special Expertise Panel of the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Devadas Ravinathan, Sales and Marketing

Devadas has over 20 years of varied industry experience in Sales & Marketing, Channel Management, Business Consulting , Business development and Corporate Strategy. He has held senior positions in various Companies like Echostar, Kirloskar, Management Dynamics, Universiti Sains Malaysia(USM) He was the CEO of a Public Listed Company called MLabs based in Malaysia, where he started the International division and was able to expand business to 22 countries.. His understanding of Global markets, networks and exploring new markets has been the key in growing revenue and profit.. He was also the visiting faculty and Director Projects at the USM. He has been a Business Consultant for SME segments in India and abroad.. He was involved in understanding of the due diligence / company evaluation framework for establishing their growth gaps in terms of strategy ,product and market position ,expansion, investment funding etc .

Sridhar Ranganathan, Technical Advisor

Sridhar is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in software and wireless technology. His first venture, Online Anywhere, was sold to Yahoo! Inc., delivering a 40-fold return for investors. He contributed in key roles at Yahoo!, first as VP of Yahoo!'s mobile data business where he ran worldwide P & L, and later, as COO of Yahoo!'s Bangalore software development center. A senior technologist with extensive experience in searching, tagging, and creating scalable technology platforms, Sridhar thrives on using cutting edge innovation to create immense value for the masses. Sridhar has an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley.

Our Values

Deliver Great Value

We want every interaction that you make with CostPrize to deliver great value and empower you to do more. We seek to do that by giving you more for each rupee you spend, making shopping easy and providing great support.

Provide Innovative Solutions

The ability to innovate, we believe, is key to building a successful business that can withstand tough times. We delight in creating new solutions that deliver more benefits to our customers, vendors and investors. Our patented group buying model is testimony to this. We encourage and reward innovation at all levels in our organization.

Never compromise on integrity

Integrity is something we never compromise on. We are transparent in all our dealings, admit mistakes when we make them and do everything we can to improve our systems and processes.

Do work that we're proud of

We recruit people who love what they do and have spent a lot of time perfecting their art. This helps us deliver value to our customers consistently.

Spread Cheer

We take delight in spreading cheer. We therefore are never about half measures. We'll go the extra mile to give you more whenever we can.