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CostpriZe is a global SaaS technology product company with its Global Headquarters in Silicon Valley, USA and Technology Headquarters in Bengaluru, India. CostpriZe’s flagship product GITO (www.gito.me ) is an Enterprise, SaaS, Omnicommerce Technology product platform that enables businesses to go online and become omnichannel and hyperlocal.

CostpriZe was started by Roopa, Sanjay and Bharat in Dec 2011. For the first two years CostpriZe.com operated as a hyperlocal marketplace selling various categories of products online from different vendors. This formed the base technology for the horizontal platform that was launched as GITO. GITO (Get IT Online: Grow IT Omnichannel) is an Enterprise Omnicommerce technology solution that enables businesses to go online with their own identity and sell directly to internet consumers. In 2017 GITO – Omnichannel Enterprise was launched which helps larger multi-store format businesses to launch their own omnichannel platform. In 2019 GITO - Marketplace Technology was launched which enables the launch of an Omnichannel Online Mall where groups of retailers can join and launch a horizontal, hyperlocal or geographic marketplace mall.

From its own offices in US and India and partners across the globe, GITO is helping businesses to focus on their core competency and leverage the vast experience and years of product and technology experience and enhancement offered by GITO team.


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Sanjay Hungund

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Pooja Kutte


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K. Vaitheeswaran

(Father of Indian ecommerce)

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