User Persona Driven UX and Design Strategy and Implementation

User persona is a representation of an enterprise system / application / website’s ideal user base.

User persona, in essence, is a digital twin of a potential user (if the system/application is newly being built) and/or an existing user (if updates have to occur on in-use systems/applications).

User persona factors in the "intents" and "needs" of users as it pertains to the adoption or continued usage of an application or website.

COSTPRIZE will work closely with clients to identify and gather user empirical data. The user profile data gathered will be archetypal and not stereotypical.

COSTPRIZE will accurately craft user personas based on raw empirical data gathered about potential/existing users of our client systems or applications.

COSTPRIZE will accurately craft "lean" user personas when analyzed data already exists with our clients. "Lean" user personas fit extremely well with Agile methodology and consume much lesser time.

COSTPRIZE will use the user persona as a benchmark for UX design and will create the most optimal user experience for uur client's application or website in question.