CostpriZe - Unified Omni-Commerce Platform

AI(Artificial Intelligence) Driven Customer Digital Twin

Retailers are embracing the shift from simple transaction-focused interactions to a sustained customer engagement, recognizing that consumers’ buying journey neither begins when they set foot in a physical store ( or, visit a digital storefront via browser or mobile application), nor ends when the sale is completed.

Customer's journey begins with thoughts expressed (or followed or liked) on disparate media platforms and/or other form of behavioral indicators. These customer behavioral sentiments indicate his/her "needs" that likely will mature towards solidified "intent" (to purchase) in the short/long time to come. Close understanding of customer's "needs" and "intents" is intrinsic for retailers to bring in relevancy to their customer engagement.

The end of the customer's journey is no longer the point of purchase/Order_placement (online or offline). The "point of purchase" begins a new cycle of "needs and intents" of/within a consumer. Retailers should maximize, to their advantage, these multi-loop cycles, by repeating their customer (re-)engagement efforts. solves this deep need of retail by bringing forth insights-driven relevancy into sustained customer engagement by retailers. is an Artificial Intelligence(AI) driven deep-analysis customer profiling platform with the reliability of the profiling becoming more accurate over cycles of "insights" getting gathered about these customers.

Retailers who have adopted have established clear dominance in customer captivity as well as in revenue re-resurgence. creates highly effective "Customer Outreach Planograms" based on the following factors -.

  • AI driven "need" recognition
  • AI driven "intent"recognition
  • Customer "Stimulant"analysis
  • Relevant outreach to the customer