Digital Commerce Transformation (E-Commerce; Omni-Commerce; Anywhere Commerce)

E-Commerce and Omni-Commerce Strategy and Implementation

Omni-commerce retail is a synchronized sales model in which all of the retailer's sales channels are aligned and present a single face to the customer, along with one consistent way of doing business

Customer purchase behavior has undergone a metamorphosis over the course of past few years. It is not just about the convenience of purchasing online and not even the price factor. Current customers are demanding "anywhere" and "everywhere" personalized facilitation from retailers. Retailers need to be not just multi-device and multi-channel enabled but also deeply engaged and aware of each customer's purchase journey.

Seamless integration of technologies and processes ensures that retailers have absolutely no friction shadowing customers as they interweave across multiple channels, online and offline, as part of a single purchase flow.

Click-to-Brick / Brick-to-Click / Click-only /Brick-only are the probable combinations that consumers undertake as part of their purchase journey with a retailer. Retailers who have a robust and scalable omni-commerce strategy will have a direct positive impact on their TCO, inventory costs , operational costs and profitability.

  • Click-to-Brick - could be "Buy Online : Pickup at the Store"; "Try and Buy - Select Online and Experience In-store and Pay In-Store";

  • Brick-to-Click - "Convert In-Store Customer's Intent with On-the-spot Promo Code Applications"; "Buy In-Store : Delivery at the Doorstep";

  • Click-Only - E2E Online Discover to Purchase;

  • Brick-Only - Flexible Sales Billing Capability that captures multiple payment methods just like online purchases.

COSTPRIZE has proven expertise in E-Commerce and Omni-Commerce digital transformation domains. We have digitally transformed multitude of clients and put them on their blazing digital growth paths.

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) Driven Retail Lifecycle Management

Retaining existing customers and increasing the AUV (average user value) is the best form of online revenue increase, for retailers. For this, a very sustained and personalized customer engagement is imperative.

  • COSTPRIZE empowers retailers to implement a sustained customer engagement strategy by incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning(ML) based "target and re-target marketing automation" capabilities which proactively and accurately identify the "needs" and "buying intent" of customers based on their , and similar customer, past behavioral patterns.
Internet consumers are increasingly expecting PERSONALIZED USER EXPERIENCE as part of their online purchase process. The consumer preference is to "see" products that are directly relevant to their profile. Retailers who understand this consumer demand and accordingly offer personalized purchase experience to their consumers are exceedingly doing well compared to other online retailers. .

  • COSTPRIZE aids retailers by introducng Artificial Intelligence(AI) driven USER EXPERIENCE PERSONALIZATION.
  • COSTPRIZE strengthens the retailer's selling potential by implementing Artificial Intelligence(AI) driven product recommendations that accurately predicts consumer preferences based on past-to-preset empirical customer behavioral data.

Guided retail planning dramatically accelerates the success of retailers as they embrace complete digital transformation. A huge impetus towards governed digitization is to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide advanced product intelligence and sales forecasting.

  • COSTPRIZE empowers retailers by implementing product catalog intelligence that intuitively showcases the selling strengths of products within the retailer's catalog.
  • COSTPRIZE helps retailers to make intelligent selling decisions by bringing in Artificial Intelligence(AI) driven catalog recommendations that accurately predicts consumer preferences based on the past-to-preset empirical data.

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