CostpriZe - Unified Omni-Commerce Platform


AI (Artificial Intelligence) Driven Omni-Commerce Platform for Retailers

GITOAI is a full-fledged eCommerce and Omni-commerce digital transformation platform empowered by foundational Artificial Intelligence(AI) capabilities which, together, provide optimum benefits to retailers.

GITOAI supports nuanced retail operating models such as -

For retailers who want to be Hyper-Local.

  • Proximity-based matching of local consumers/visitors to the retailer's store. This model provides a tremendous uptick to the service that the retailer offers to consumers.
  • Serving distance can be configured by the retailer.
  • Multi-brand product cataloging and showcasing flexibility.
  • Micro-delivery capability allows a retailer to create a delivery partner network to handle both early AM and regular-hour deliveries.
  • Works best for - FMCG(Fast Moving Consumer Goods) ; HORECA (Hotel/Restaurant/Cafe) ;
  • Can fully support both B2C and B2B retailer needs

Omni-Commerce Retail -For retailers who want to draw online traffic to their physical stores and vice versa, this model works best. All forms of Omni-Commerce are offered to retailers to empower themselves with.

  • Click-to-Brick - Consumers purchase online and pick-up their orders at the store; "try and buy" ..etc
  • Brick-to-Click - Consumers visit the store to place the order and pay online or at the time of delivery.
  • Click-Only.
  • Brick-Only.
  • Can fully support both B2C and B2B retailer needs

Multi-Currency Retail - For retailers who aim to sell globally and need the flexibility to accept multiple currencies during payments.

  • Multi-currency product catalog - Consumer's location drives the currency denomination and price of the cataloged products.
  • Support for up to 127 currencies.
  • Automated currency conversions during payment settlements.
  • Can fully support both B2C and B2B retailer needs

Multi-Store and Multi-Locale Retail -This model suits retail brands who have multiple stores across multiple locations and aim to bring them all online in the form of a "closed loop" marketplace where each "seller" is a participating store outlet of the retail brand. Each participating store can control.

  • The products sold within their virtual store.
  • The price points and inventory of the products sold within their virtual store.
  • Promotional offers within their virtual store.
  • Localized surcharges (taxes, shipping charges, packing charges ..etc), if any .
  • Can fully support both B2C and B2B retailer needs


We bring in a whole lot of solutions to your business. That’s why…
  • Get your store online in days
  • Choose from whichever eCommerce business
    model suits you
  • Make your web-store available online on mobiles
    – mobile on the go
  • Offline and online unification of processes
    – omni channel sales
  • 99% store uptime for your customers
  • Open your store to bulk pricing and group-buying
  • Customers can buy with SSL Secured Payments
  • Hyperlocal sales – geo sensitive mapping of stores
  • Reach all your end customers – SEO, SEO, SEO,
  • Utilize our integrations to enable ease of handling customer deliveries


  • Customer mapping to nearest store
  • Heightened customer service in the form of aggressive delivery SLAs set forth by the trader
  • Routing of orders to the nearest store to achieve the aggressive SLAs
  • Moving assets capability that helps customers and traders alike



  • Industry best practices
  • Pre-certification stack includes Tally
  • Integration architecture easily extensible to integrate to multiple downstream systems
  • ROAC – An ecosystem of (supply chain, operations, logistics etc) that can leverage the same ERP to execute their roles and responsibilities
  • Pre-authentication
  • Bulk pricing and Volume based group pricing
  • Automated account reconciliation between market exchange and traders/sellers on the market exchange
  • Trade exchange (intra commerce bus that allows traders all running on Gito to create a seamless trading ecosystem)
  • Convergence of product and order management (integration to Browntape)
  • Trait based customer profiling
  • Hyperlocal sales – geo sensitive mapping of stores
  • Quote to order
  • Credit management/whetting of traders (selling on the B2B market exchange) and buyers (who want to buy on credit)


Gito provides a smart integrated platform that can host all aggregated business models (Retailer, Marketplace, Market Exchange).
Gito brings to life a concept that essentially powers all e-commerce models employed globally into a single hosted platform. Our e-commerce platform provides group commerce capabilities in each of 3 business models utilized within the industry (retail, marketplace, market exchange) that can be used at the discretion of any online seller anywhere!
Gito’s e-commerce platform makes it extremely easy for clients, with differing business models to setup their online stores in a giffy. The platform intelligently moulds itself based on your specific business needs. Whether you do direct retail or a marketplace player or even a market exchange player, just allow Gito to provide you all necessary facilities to set up your store and run it smoothly!


Sell Everywhere. Now make customer buying experience awesome. FREE! mobile site, when you get your web store from us.

  • No installation required, fast, intuitive and fully functioning experience that works on all devices
  • Mobile site functionality that allows users to search for items in a minimum number of keystrokes and clicks
  • Allows customer browsing and buying on the go
  • Social networking integration that enables merchants to connect & engage with their smartphone consumers
  • Also includes, transaction processing, order fulfillment, customer service and sales reporting